Learning that's never lame.

We provide an Epic homeschooling experience for teens and their families. 

Now enrolling teens and families for 2022-2023

What we do

Epic school years for the Teenage Epoch

Not all children do well with a traditional (rote or in their words boring) approach to learning. Epic Homeschooling creates a space for teens to learn, discover, and have adventures while developing character with an Epic group of friends. Our goal is to make the teenage Epoch, well, Epic!

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The most important thing we take from school is who become.


We believe learning is best achieved by discovery and doing.


In the cookie of life, friends are the chocolate chips (as well as the nuts).


What we know is far less important than what we do with that knowledge. 

how we do it

Epic Homeschooling Classes 

Epic Homeschool is designed to take the place of high school curriculum. Teens receive a list of epic action steps at the beginning of the week to complete by Epic Class day (Fridays). Four subjects are covered within the month.


A dive into history to find the Epic stories that have shaped the human experience. We learn from the successes and failures of the past to discover Epic principles and character traits that bring prosperity and peace.


Discover the universe of our world and be amazed at how it works. We explore various areas of science with a particular focus on how what we learn reveals a divine hand in our lives.


Everything is better with a flourish of creativity. Throughout the year we will be introduced to the many ways to develop and express ourselves. It's a safe space to get messy and to be cheered on as we try new things.


Be prepared to be a force for good in the world. We learn important leadership lessons from impressive leaders in the past and present. We also prepare for our personal leadership in the future by learning how to serve and develop others.

What about other subjects?

Epic Homeschool focuses on a broad view of these valuable subjects. Other specific subjects like numerical math etc, are left for the Teen to study on their own as each teen will be on their own very specific level.

the rest of the family

Epic Gatherings and Adventures

One of the best parts of the Teenage Epoch! Our Epic field trips, adventures, and end of year trip makes memories and friendships that last a lifetime. These are the best way we've found to 'seal-in' what we have been learning with real-world experiences. We also have regular get togethers and activities for all of our Epic families.

  • Field trips
  • Overnight adventures
  • Epic activities
  • End of year Epic Teen trip

Who does it

Epic Moms and Epic Families

So who puts all of this together and who teaches? Is this a co-op or common wealth? Epic Homeschooling is a cottage type interaction where families teach and support each other.

Mentors, aka mothers, decide what they want to teach by identifying what they would enjoy learning about. This isn’t a drop your kids off model.  It's designed to bring and bind family together. At a time when many parents and teens are at odds with each other, we are creating an epic time (or an epoch) where you both look back and remember that this was life changing!

Mothers are supported with regular enrichments, trainings, and retreats. Mentors are also provided an budget for each class and adventure to help make it Epic!

The Rest of the Family

Jr Epic and Epic Families

What about your other kids? While Epic Homeschooling is designed to create your teen's Epoch. 

Is a small group: however presidence does go for those with teens as that was its original intent.

Depending upon the year and season, family bbqs, field trips, camping trips and yes, at the park bed of the year, although designed for teens specifically, if families decide, our yearly epic trip will be opened to them as well. 


Who We Are

Jinger Cloward


Mother of 6, homeschooler of 16 years, with a Bachelors of Home and Family Living from Brigham Young University and a passion for truly EPIC homeschooling.

"Epic Homeschooling is a commitment to give and get all you can from the amazing teenage years. I believe all teens and their families can look back at these years as some of the best of their lives!"

How it's funded

Tuition for Epic Homeschool

To make an Epic Homeschool experience, we believe in funding Classes and experiences so they can be fun, engaging, and, well, EPIC! Each family pays a $175 registration fee to hold their spot. Tuition for teens and kids may be paid by trimester or in full. 

Trimester 1 - Sep 4 to Dec 3

Trimester 2 - Dec 4 to Feb 25

Trimester 3 - Feb 26 to May 13

Teen Epic Experience

$250 per trimester ($750 per year)

Jr Epic Experience

$75 per trimester ($225 per year)

The end of year Teen Epic Trip is optional and will have a separate cost.


Where do you meet?

Because EPIC learning is done in cottage form, the location is the Cloward residence in Elk Ridge, UT.  Home learning, on cushy couches is a wonderful way to kick your heels up and feel "right at home" as you learn, grow and express your own opinions along with listen to those of your mentors and peers.

What can I do as a mom?

There are a variety of positions for mothers to grow within and have fun with:

*EPIC History Mentoring (this year European History)

*EPIC Science Mentoring 

*EPIC Imaginative/Creative Arts Mentoring 

*EPIC Service and Leadership

*Jr. EPIC Mentors (needing two leads and one assistant)

*EPIC Performing Arts Mentor 

*EPIC Writing Specialist

*EPIC Secretary

What is the Epic Teen Trip

At the end of each year a choose in, chaperoned Epic Teen Trip will be offered as a capstone for our year. Typically a 5-10 day national or international experience to "seal-in" what we have learned as well as creating some awesome memories. Pricing is not included in tuition and varies due to destination and available flights.  

What resources do I have as a teacher?

A zoom training will be provided Aug !8 with details of the yearly theme, how to plan and structure each class and will be opened for any additional questions.  It will provide mentoring mothers with ideas for specific topics within each subject, teaching techniques, provided budget amounts for each class along with some mentoring on how to apply the allotted funding. 

Is this a year long commitment?

Yes! Each family upon enrollment fee is committing to enjoying this journey for the whole year.

Our EPIC Learning begins September 10, 2022 with our annual Vision Day and will end May 5, 2023.

Does this provide graduation for my teen?

No.  EPIC Learning does not supply a graduation certificate.  However mentoring is available on how to provide this type of thing for your teens if desired. 

We are now enrolling teens and families for 2022 - 2023. Unfortunately we have a limited space. Apply today!



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